Fbx from Maya not working


I did an animation to an object in Maya to bring it into ZapStudio.
The animation has move, scale transformations and a FFD/Lattice deformer but
when I import it into Zapstudio the FFD/Lattice doesn’t show up.
The fbx has the settings recommended on the help files but still not working.
Any idea what am I doing wrong.?

Thanks in Advance



Hi @sanlopgroup,

The lattice deformer is a Maya-specific tool, so this won’t be imported to ZapWorks Studio along with your 3D model unfortunately.

All animations should be done in the 3D software itself before exporting for Studio. Note that animations should be linked to a bone rig, and recorded through keyframes.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Seb,

Sorry for the long time to respond, I have been out of the loop for a while.
I understand about the lattice derformer being specific to Maya, but do you
know if there is a way to bake the animation of the deformer to the actual mesh
and then import it into Zapstudio? Or does Zapstudio only works with bones?




Hi @sanlopgroup,

No worries :slight_smile:

ZapWorks Studio only supports animations linked to a bone rig. The documentation article linked in my previous response (this one) provides some more information on Studio’s animation limitations.

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Thanks again Seb.


Another question related Seb. Does Zapstudio works with scaled bone animations?
I have an animation made by scaling the bones to mimic the squash before a jump
but when imported as fbx into Zapstudio I see the mesh deformed. If I import the fbx
in Maya it looks good. Am I importing the fbx in Zapstudio the wrong way or it is just
that Zapstudio doesn’t take bone scaling into account?

Thanks again in advance for the help.