FBX Block after export


Hello guys,

Is normally the Zappar blocks a fbx after you save it to your computer? Well, I mean, you create a 3d object in 3D Studio Max, export it, put in the project and if you try to save (save as) it in your computer and try to open it in 3D Studio Max, the same will say that 3D is protected. Is this normal? Why do this happens?


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Hi @higor,

Sorry for the late response.

All 3D models (excluding glb/gltf) go through a conversion when they are imported to Studio. This conversion sees the file format change to POD as this is best suited to Studio.

POD files however, are a read-only final format, kind of like the PDF of 3D models. This means that they cannot be re-imported into a modelling software to edit. If you try inspecting the resulting FBX file then you may notice that it mentions POD in the header.

Hope this clears up why this is the case.

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Hey @George,

Thanks by the response. I never noticed this! D:

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