Fallback Video if tracking does not work


Hello, I use Zappar for a number of pieces of artwork that range in color and style. Some of the scenes scan very reliably, others are very susceptible to glare and do not track well or sometimes at all depending on people’s lighting conditions. All my artwork though has some level of glare to the acrylic glazing which I can’t easily change.

My question is, for those people who can’t get it to work, is it possible to program in some sort of fallback so that if the scene tracks ok, it overlays the AR video as normal, but if it doesn’t track, it could instead play the video full screen on the phone? Currently the audio track keeps playing regardless, but the video may pop in and out or not show up at all and I’d like to offer some solution so they aren’t left hanging.

Does anyone have any ideas I can use as a workaround to accomplish this?


Hi @videogameshadowbox,

In our Designer tool, we have something called ‘Grab and Go’ which is the process of changing the content from being tracked (to an image) to becoming screen relative. This is a simple checkbox in Designer because of the nature of the tool.

In Studio we can set up a version of ‘Grab and Go’ but can have more control on what happens when the target is not seen. For example the content can become invisible, screen relative, videos stop, reverts to a different tracking type, activate a state etc.

This can be done using target events. Targets trigger events when the physical target image enters and exits the camera view (‘On Seen’ and ‘On Not Seen’, respectively). With Actions, you can specify something to happen when either of these events is triggered.

Alternatively, event handlers can be created in a script by right-clicking the target node and selecting New > Script, followed by the respective event.

For your use case, you could have 2 states set up, one with the video tracked to the image, one with it screen relative (fullscreen). Then using target event actions, you can activate the states depending on whether the target is seen or not.

Hope this helps.