Facial expression triggers

Sorry if this is a silly question. I have been trying to find if/where/how the epression trigger functionality is exposed in the unity release ? I have not been able to find anything in the documentation regarding.

Hello @acranch

Tracking facial expressions is covered under “face-landmark” section. You can also find an example project here: https://github.com/zappar-xr/unity-example-face-tracking-landmark/


Edit: assuming you mean facial features by “expression”.
If instead you were refering to face mesh… which essentially updates the facial mesh using all of the facial features. Then you can look ar Readme here and example project here.

I appreciate the response.

No those examples werent what i was referring to.

I recalled seeing a different Zappar SDK (not for unity) that had event based triggers - such as eye closed, smile etc.

Anyway, I ended up switching to MediaPipe as it is a pretty short time frame for the project, but it worked out sensationally anyway. Thanks.