Face tracking unstable with face mask / covering


Hi there,

I have a WebAR activation going live next month which requires face tracking for a photobooth type application, this activation will be used indoors in a mall which still requires users to wear face masks / coverings due to covid restrictions. I’ve noticed the face tracking is pretty unreliable when a user is wearing a face mask, if a user is wearing a mask and glasses at the same time then the face does not track at all. I understand why this tracking is unreliable in these cases but wondering if anyone has any sort of solution for this?

I’m wondering if the face tracking is better when using Unity / Universal AR as I did see there was a recent webinar posted where it was mentioned that you can achieve multi face tracking exclusively in Universal AR.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.



The Universal AR and Studio face tracking techniques use the same underlying tracking implementations, but the Universal AR ones might be using a more recent update.

Which WebAR site are you using to run your Studio experience? I think https://beta.zappar.app and the lite-branded splash pages using https://arweb.app should both be using the latest face tracking models so aside from using one of those to test with there’s not a lot else to suggest I’m afraid.