Face tracking mixed with face painting


I am making this to promote our tournament. Tell me what you think!


It crashes the desktop app on my computer. Curious if this is just my local install or if it crashes on other computers too.


Hey @ztimster,

I see you’re also a Rocket League fan :smiley:

Your experience doesn’t seem to be causing any issues when scanned through the Zappar app.

If you’re still having trouble, could you please send through your project’s zpp over to support@zappar.com, along with a description of the error, screenshots, and error messages (if any)?



Working all good here!


That looks like the phone app you are using. The error comes up when I try the desktop app using my web cam.





The Zappar app works great. The trouble is with the ZAPPAR desktop app.
This is what I get once it loads:


Oh, and yes we are Rocket League fans here. Actually we are hosting a collegiate tournament here at the University of Wisconsin Platteville on April 1st (hence the jester hat). I was building a ZAPPAR app that the students could use to create selfies and help promote the event. The face paint is very effective and by tweeking the opacity and adding some creative shading, it really looks like a temporary tattoo.
Any tips on the lighting or rendering of the hat to make it look more realistic would be greatly appreciated.




Oh yes, certainly on phone - I was just enjoying trying it out and repping e-sports!

I’m sure we’ll work out what’s occurring with it on desktop :zap:.


Hey @ztimster,

Sounds like an exciting event!

Is there any chance you could send through your project’s zpp over to support@zappar.com for us to take a closer look at please?

In regards to increasing the hat’s realism, the main issue here seems to be the hat’s textures. You should retexture the model using a combination of 3D modeling software and image-editing software. Consider the use of other maps e.g. normal. specularity etc.

For a brief introduction to these you can refer to our lighting materials documentation, for more in-depth steps you’ll have to refer to your 3D software’s documentation.

Thanks again,