Face Tracking - Change Background


When using the face tracking feature is it possible to change the background behind the tracked face. So if they choose a crown to wear they could also choose a throne image to appear behind them? I can add these elements and they attach to the tracked area, however, they attach to and move with the area they are attached. When I add it outside the tracked section of the hierarchy it is no longer visible. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thank You in advance!


Maybe set a photo relative to the face painting or maybe use a 360 photo Sphere?



Thanks for the suggestion @stevesanerd. So I set relative to the face group and elements within, no dice. In the heirarchy, I tried placing it on top and below the face group but the same result. When I am building I see it fine, when I preview it’s just gone.

Here is what I see in studio, the background is there and visible. When I preview it’s just gone. The bkgd is set to full 3D. If it’s set to test or full 3D it shows the face tracking mask, if I set to overlay it covers everything. -

I’ll try to photosphere.


Still trying to change the background in a face tracked scene. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? @George or @Seb Is it even possible? My goal would be to swap backgrounds behind the face tracking. I can add a background to a tracked area but the mask cuts it out weird. If I add anywhere else they show up when I am editing but in preview, they disappear. I’m not having any luck so any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.