Face Paint Compile Error


Hello, I’m new to the forum. I receive the following compile error when I try to preview my face paint experience:

“COMPILE ERRORS: >cdf1406e-cvd7-4753-8b72-b88448499fac.png. - File does not exist”
I’m not sure which file this is or where to look. :blush:


An error like this usually means that file has something wrong with it.
Remove it and re add it to see if that fixes it.



Just a guess, but I think, the >File does not exist<.
Which means, you may have deleted the file but still got a reference in your code to that file. Check your hierarchy for red underlined script nodes or other nodes, where the file might be used.


That could be it as well.
I have seen this error on tracking images that don’t load right but are listed.