Face Filters


Ok so…I would like to create a Zap experience that has a selection of face filters, a bit like Snapchat. I can do it from a menu on a ‘home’ screen, but is there a way to do it by having a slider selector at the bottom of the screen, very much like Snapchat’s face filters?


You read my mind. :smile:
Something I was going to look in to soon as well



I suppose it all comes down to having that scrolling menu that can change the filter? If that can be cracked, the world is your oyster.


Hi @technology,

You can use something similar to the slider example found in this thread:

This is just a quick example and would need some improvements and tweaks to act similar to other pieces of software.

Hopefully this will give you a helping hand as to where to start. :slight_smile:

All the best.



George you never replied to me about the jumping you get if you scroll to fast with this. If you scroll to fast the box will go past the trigger and keep going.