External code - flexibility


is it possible to load a piece of code written in a file saved on an external server?
For example:
I create a file called code.txt (or code.js or whatever) where I make a plane appear;
I save the file externally like in amazon aws;
I use a particular function inside the Studio to include it (something like include(“https://…/code.txt”));
I press the Publish button to save the project inside a zapcode;
If I use zappar to show the zapcode’s content a plane will appear.

This functionality would be very useful to increase flexibility, is there anything like this?


Hi @aron.tessari,

Scripts in a Studio project are compiled when the experience is previewed/published, and executed when the experience is launched. Compiling and executing a script from an external source during runtime isn’t possible.

You can, however, fetch JSON from an external server with Studio, and read/write data via AJAX requests.

Is there a particular reason why you wouldn’t be able to write your script within Studio itself? If so, could you provide a use case please?