Exporting 3D Assets from existing project

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask if it is possible to export a 3D asset on its own from an existing project? So for example, I have been given a project that contains a 3D asset I’d like to reuse, therefore I would like to export the asset as I don’t have the original. Is this possible?


You can export any asset from a Zap Studio project: right-click on the one you’re after in the Media Library pane on the right, and choose Save As…

It’s very handy :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the 3D asset I am looking to export is in the Symbol Definitions section where I do not have that option. Instead of Save As, there is a Properties option but that does not let me save it.

Ahh - you still can, you just have to double-click on the symbol to go into it first. Symbols are basically mini projects (well, actually it’s the other way round - the main project that opens up is really just a symbol); it’ll have its own media library inside it where you can do the Save As… stuff.

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Yes you can.
Like @howiemnet said just open the project that has your 3D assets you want to save/reuse.

Then open the symbol definition of the 3d attest you want to save.

Then on top use the Export to save the symble as a *.zpp file.
FYI - Some times it will as you to commit (save) your file first. Just do it if asked and then Export.


Now to add that 3D asset to your new project Just drag and drop your zpp file you saved to the “Drop ZPP files here” under the Symbol Definitions in your new priject.


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That’s brilliant, thank you!

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