Export a 3D file as separate objects


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I am trying to import a grid of planes that I want Zapworks to recognize as separate objects. I am going to use them with a raycaster to sense the position of the phone. I created these in Maya.

I am using Maya 2018, and have tried every way I know of exporting this file, but Studio keeps bringing it in as one object, not twenty. That won’t be useful.

Anybody know if there is an easy way to export a 3D file so that Zapworks recognizes each object as a different one?


If they are all in the same model it will always be just one. You would have to make each one it’s own model and then add all 20. Place them how you would like for it to work.



Hi @donnav,

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Much like what @stevesanerd mentioned, if they have been created as one and more importantly exported as one then they will import as a single model.

In our Exporting 3D Models documentation, we explain to select the part of the model from the outliner that you would like to export. Then once selected, click on the export selection tool. As seen below -

It seems at the moment you are trying to export all meaning that when they are imported into Studio, it is one model.

Please try following the exportation process above and seeing if this will work. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!



Thanks! So my understanding then is that there isn’t a way to export the separate objects at the same time. Fair enough.

I do have a new problem though. When I bring the separate 3D grid lines into Studio as individual 3D object, I can’t add scripts to them for the raycaster. So I would like an intersection enter event to fire when the raycaster points at each grid line. Can’t do that with 3D object, can I?


I thinking about this. If you make 1 model that was just 1 curve then import it. Next add that one model to you hierarchy until you make your model the way you wanted to look. So 20 parts so 20 times. I think you said. You can then set code to each part.



Thanks Steve! The problem remains though that imported 3D objects can’t have scripts attached to them so I’m at a loss as to how to add intersectionenter events to them. I can add the grid lines as you suggest but can’t add the code for the raycaster.


Hi guys,

@donnav have you tried creating an invisible plane relative to/over the 3D object you would like to react with the raycaster?

This would give the effect that each of the ‘grid lines’ is creating an event when the raycaster intersects whereas it is actually the invisible plane. It’s much the same as how we create hotspots to make 3D models interactable! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


I thought of that, but the point of the grid line was to be that invisible plane. I’ve done a version of what I want with planes instead of 3D objects and I think that might be the way to go. Thanks everyone for the help.