Experience Wont Unlock



Upon publishing of my experience, and scanning of the zap code, my screen won’t move off the unlocking screen, and my experience won’t load. I can’t figure out what is going on.Please help.



Hello @order,

I have an ideia about what’s happening. Is this screen that shows up to you?

If it’s, I tell you that this may be happening because an empty script somewhere in your project. Try to find it. If is not this, maybe your code somewhere has an unclosed ‘}’. And also, if is not this, maybe, just maybe your syntax is not making sense to Zapworks.

And if is not this, could send us a pic about?

P.S: Desbloqueando = Unlocking;

Hope this helps.

att, Higão.


Yes, I get that screen only its in english and the camera is active, just nothing happens. So I think my code is fine. I have 6 3d models in my scene, all of them animated in ZapWorks. I tried deleting them one by one to see if it was a file size issue, and when I get all the way down to only 2 models in my scene, it works fine. So I think its a file size issue. Any ideas how I can fix this and still use 3D models instead of 2D image planes?


I would take a look at your last model. You can change the images sizes to help cut down the model size. but I would also look to see if you model meets requirements.
Supported Formats and Requirements



Thanks a bunch guys… Ok well we discovered it all works fine on the desktop! And all the models are the same (downloaded from sketch fab copy) I have looked at the console and saw some errors BUT i am not a coder… attached are some screen shots of the errors and my code… do you guys see any glaring issues?


Thanks So much Higor! See above


Did you manage to resolve it?

att, Higão.


Not yet :frowning: do you see any glaring errors in the screen grabs of the code?


Hello @order,

Is hard to tell you! Could u upload this zpp for a better look? If not, I may try to understand better what’s happening!

att, Higão.


Super helpful higor! here you go… FRS Coffee Ad 2.zpp (9.5 MB)


Hello @order,

I’ve taken a look into your project and I didn’t discovered much about it. The thing is: Your problem isn’t file size I think. There’s something in the way that your 3d models were made. I’m telling this because I’ve had this kinda of issue a few times. Also, the “deprecated” thing is normal in the console. Your true error is this one:

If I’m not wrong this means that Zappar couldn’t read something into your project. If you remove all your 3ds or let only the couple of then which works, this error will disappear. In this case I really can’t help you guys with my knowleadges.

What I tell you to do is talk with @Seb or @George, or maybe send your zpp by email support@zappar.com or then wait for a 3d profissional help you.

Sorry to can’t be able to help you and I wish that you can fix this!

P.S. 1:


Always put your codes into a block! Is good to the code and to studio understand what is happening. Just like this:


P.S. 2.:

Maybe Steve have has any about it?

att, Higão.


Your problem was your models. It looks like you made one model and then copied it just changing the icon image. Something must have gone wrong. So I made 1 model with all the Icons in it. You can change them under the Properties - References - Icon list. I set them up at there start positions but you will have to redo your timeline. (Sorry don’t have time to fix that).

Hope it helps.
I left your models in it. But you can delete them just keep the Icon Button one.

FRS Coffee Ad 2 - fixed.zpp (9.5 MB)


Did that work for you?