Events analytics don't work with Web



I was testing the analytics on a project that will mostly be viewed through the WebAr.
Everything seems to be working as it should except the events never show anything.
I added the Z.stats.logEvent(“Button tapped”); and still nothing.
I then went into the Zappar App and scanned the Zapcode and the event updated with a Button Tapped… is this not supported for the web yet or am I not adding something I should?



This one I would send to
If your on a paid plan they will help you there.



Hi @paula.clark,

Thanks for letting us know.

You’re right, Z.stats.logEvent(" ") is not working correctly when an experience is launched via WebAR. We have passed this onto our platform team who are going to look at fixing this.

We will keep you updated when we know more.


Event not always logged using webar and snapshot

Thanks George



I have tested it today, it still works all right in the Zappar app, and still doesn’t work in WebAR.

Is there a known timeframe for this problem to be fixed ?



Hi @alain1,

This should be working as expected now. Sorry I should have added a note to this thread.

Please do report if you are still having issues with logging events when launching experiences in the web browser.



Thanks George !