Error 404 and Camera Not enabling in Mobile and in Playmode in my windows laptop


Hi all,
I am new to unity WebGL and Universal AR SDK of Zapworks, but after watching all their webinars and tutorials I wanted to try it myself. Then when I am taking the Build as shown in the tutorials I am facing three problems:

  1. The recent SDK which is provided by zapworks did not have Camera prefab-: I could solve this by downloading the previous SDK. (solved)
  2. In Editor and After build even in my mobile, the Camera is not getting accessed or instanciated:
    (FYI: it did ask my permission to use the camera and I did allow it.)
  3. So I thought it may be accessed if I publish the work and I published it, but on publishing it, I got this message “error 404” on the browser and if anyone can guide me through, Please help me out on this.


Hi @balaseshan.pillala20,

  1. Which Unity version are you referring to? I’ve just downloaded and installed 0.3.10 and it has all the expected prefabs.

  2. Have you deleted the main camera from your scene? You’ll need to make sure the only camera you have is the Zappar camera prefab.

  3. Make sure your content and index.html is in the main root folder. If you have Zipped the files up, then there might be an automated file that the content goes into, please copy out the files and paste them into the main ZIP root.



Respected @George,
Thank you for the response,

  1. I would like to be more specific about the unity version 2020.3.5f1 and also I am adding the screenshots of the Universal AR which I have downloaded along with the prefab folder so that it would be clear that it is the same as what you have said.
    (~ 0.3.10) If the version which u have said is related to Universal AR SDK, then where can I find that particular version.

  2. Yes I have deleted the main camera(Default) and added the Zappar camera from the Zappar toolbar: still the camera is neither working in Editor mode nor on my mobile after taking the build and running it in the local server.

  3. I have added all content to the output folder and then Zipped it along with the index.html