Enter our hackathon (ZappARthon)! $15,000 of prizes to be won 💰

Hello! :wave:

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. After our exciting hackathon announcement (with big prizes :moneybag: available) at AR Pioneers, we are excited to share with you more information about our ZappARthon. :desktop_computer:

Click here to learn more and to enter!

The ZappARthon is our Hackathon encouraging you to create an AR experience which paints a picture of what you think the future will look like.

There are three prompts to get you started -

  • :shopping:Shopping - Design an AR experience for a product from the future (think self lacing shoes, hoverboards, everything in Back to the Future!)
  • :iphone:Social - Design an AR experience of a social interaction from the future (think futuristic face filters, AR notice boards, AR postcards)
  • :school_satchel:Education - Design an AR experience to show how education could look in the future (think of classroom learning, music lessons, workplace training from the future)

To create your experience we would like you to use a Universal AR tool of your choice; these include, Unity, PlayCanvas, Three.js, Babylon, A-frame and React Three.js.

The prize pot available totals a wonderful $15,000 and is split into 8 prizes. :moneybag:

Register to take part here - https://zapparthon.devpost.com/

You have until the 6th January to send us your AR experiences to be judged by our panel of experts in the new year.

Happy hackathoning!



Deadline is a bit tight ;_;. Can’t you add an extra week? Another question: Does a team effort count? I’m just a dev who puts together all the assets and bring the experience my client wants to life. Don’t mind saying who came up with the idea and gave me the assets, but I’ll be able to say that I developed it.

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