Enhanced Parallax Effect - Ideas?


Hello. I have a photo split into four layers and spread out along the Z axis for a 3D effect.

I would like to enhance the parallax effect by having objects move at different rates when I move my phone. For example, when I move my phone left to right, I would like the foremost element to move more than the background elements. In other words, I want to use script to enhance any parallax effect.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Parallax effect in 3D photo feature?

Hi @donnav,

Sounds like a really cool idea!

Unfortunately there is no easy way to get the specific tilt value of a device, only whether it is in the landscape or portrait (or inverted) states.

You may be able to enhance the effect by moving the foreground further forward and relative to the screen so when the users device moves the background follows but not the foreground. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on and feel free to add it to the show and tell thread.

All the best,



You can also try adding some blur to the background images giving a feeling of depth of field.


Instead of using phone movement, you could try swiping functionality using

and implement different increments in plane movement for your background and foreground image layers.


Great idea, and thanks!


How are you tracking this? With a target image or in a photo sphere?



Hi, Steve. I am using a target image.


Ok, So you want to track when you move your device say left to right as you are looking at the target image? Kind of like a game joystick tracking just your finger would be the device.
I may have something for you but it will have to wait till after the Ancient History Competition.