Embedded Zappar into IOS App


We are a pharmaceutical laboratory and we have been testing vs ZapWorks Studio development platform; We have carried out several tests and we really find it very interesting and according to our new marketing campaigns. We are also developing applications for IOS and Android (formally Casasco Appt;) and we need to know how to include vs. platform in the application, so that in addition to the client seeing the vademecum of our catalog, there is also an AR section to have an augmented reality experience. Thanks in advance. Greetings. Miguel


Hi @miguelangeldelcampo. Thanks for getting in touch - that sounds like a really interesting use case. Embedding our scanning technology into your own app is certainly possible and our team do offer a range of solutions - from embedding our lightweight SDK, up to our internal team creating a custom app. As this tends to be bespoke work, you’ll need to discuss it directly with one of our sales team. You can reach them via contact@zappar.com and they’ll be sure to help :slight_smile:

There’s also some further info on our website.