Embed iFrame / HTML frame

It would be great if we could insert an iFrame, and display a mobile site.

This would then provide us a simple CMS solution where the content displayed could be updated by our clients (whenever they update their own website contents).


I, too, would love to see iFrames supported. That ability to have flexible content that’s easily updated by clients would be huge.

Oh yes, a way to display a website/iframe as AR-content would be very nice indeed!

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve passed this request onto our platform team and we will note any updates in this post :slight_smile:


if zapworks supported this it will be verey verey amazing tricks:+1:

Hi there, any news on this?


Hi There,

No updates at this stage, we’ll update on this ticket when there are :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I would love it if I could embed a website on a surface, this would be an amazing effect.

Hey @byron.tik,

That’s a pretty cool idea!

Embedding a website into an AR view would require a substantial amount of work, as it’s not something our platform is suited for, but we’ll definitely keep this in mind as we look to improve our platform!

All the best,

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something like this three.js functionality http://learningthreejs.com/blog/2013/04/30/closing-the-gap-between-html-and-webgl/

Hi there, any updates regarding this functionality? Thanks!

Hi @ashlee.fms,

Not for Studio / Designer made projects, but is most likely do-able if you create using one of our Universal AR SDKs - https://docs.zap.works/universal-ar/.

Please note, we’re not sure how well this is supported but definitely worth giving it a try.

You’ll need access/have the same origin for the camera, gyro and accelerometer - something like

<iframe src="https://example.com" allow="camera;gyroscope;accelerometer"></iframe>


Thanks for your help @George!

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