Draw/animate a diagonal line



Perhaps a silly question, is there an easy way to animate/grow a visible line between 2 objects in Studio?

My first thought was to bring in the line, full size as a png and use a mask to reveal it?

Is there any other options that I may have overlooked?




Hi Simon!

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The easiest way that I can think of is to drag a plane into the ‘HIERARCHY’ module and create a timeline for it. You can find out more information about timelines here!

I’d start the timeline with the plane invisible (or as small as your starting size is) and then end it with the target size using the scale property. Studio does this really cool thing where the bits in-between are generally animated for you, so all you need for a simple extending line is a start value and a finish value!

You could of course do this with a .png, it’s totally up to you, though depending on the size of your line it might get a bit fuzzy - have a play around. :grin:

For the plane to be diagonal, you could rotate it so it’s facing the correct angle.

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Hello Francesca

After all the other complexities in this animation, it’s the simple things that have left me at a blank.

Thank you very much. It didn’t even cross my mind to do it that way.



Hi Simon,

It’s my absolute pleasure to be of assistance! Sometimes we get so involved and it just takes an extra pair of eyes!

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