Does anyone know how this Simon Cowell Zappar was created?

#1 - it’s a one minute video about Simon Cowell and I really like the look and feel of this zappar. How was it created? Using scenes? Buttons? transitions? Storyline files embedded into the zappar? Does anyone have any ideas?
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It does look nice. It reminds me of business cards you can make in the



Hi @reena.deklotz,

It seems that experience was made with our Widgets tool. As our easiest-to-use tool, the animations, transitions, layout, etc. are all predefined and cannot be edited.

If you’d like some more customisation I’d suggest taking a look at Designer or Studio, as @stevesanerd suggested.

Hope this helps.

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Are there any online classes available to learn more about widgets and how to use the tool? I am not finding much on Youtube and I would love one on one assistance in understanding everything widgets can and can’t do. That way I will know if i need to upgrade my license. Suggestions?


Hi Reena,

We recommend you check out our documentation site here.

In particular, if you follow along with the Pet Shop Business Card project, you’ll understand the capabilities of the tool.

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