Documentation Universal AR SDK


Hello Dears

I’m really grateful that zappar team is doing a really great job.

What i would like to see is more solid and detail documentation for Universal AR especially React one .

It will be very helpful to have a documentation for every and each property .


Hi @arman.codex,

Thanks for the kind words!

Most of the props/properties that are available for the components are the ones provided by the inherited three objects, such as Group, and the rest should be documented in the README. If you could share with us your thoughts on which props/properties need some more explaining, it would be a great help! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, the React Three Fiber wrapper is built on top @zappar/zappar-threejs, a read of its documentation could be handy. (All trackers and the camera are basically just extended ZapparThree classes, with some modified getter/setter props which are documented)

As a quick example, in the ThreeJs wrapper, to apply visible events to trackers, you would:

faceTracker.onNewAnchor.bind(anchor => {
    console.log("New anchor has appeared:",;

Whereas in r3f, we use props:

<FaceTracker onVisible={(anchor) => console.log("New anchor has appeared:",}>

You’re able to access the underlying Three objects using useRef and opt for working with the object directly:

  const faceTrackerGroup = useRef<Types.FaceAnchorGroup>();
  useEffect(() => {
    const { faceTracker } = faceTrackerGroup.current;
    faceTracker.onNewAnchor.bind((anchor) => {
      console.log("New anchor has appeared:",;
  }, [faceTrackerGroup]);

     <FaceTracker ref={faceTrackerGroup}>

Hope you can find this useful,