Do you experience wobble with this 3d model?


Thank you @Bob for providing me with a really good tracking image.

I had suspected it may not make a difference, and it didn’t. My 3D model still waves like a balloon in a gentle breeze. So the next step in debugging this is now at our feet.

Here is a zap code:


And here is the tracking image provided by Bob:


Does it jiggle for you? Is it just me?

And if so - any ideas about how to make my 3d model appear more solid than a balloon?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi again Shawn,

Would you be able to send over your ZPP/ 3D model to so we can do some testing and see how we can reduce the model’s wobbliness? We’ve had a scan and we see what you mean.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Did you figure out how to stabilize your 3d model?


So sorry I haven’t replied yet @1sgjoshking . I received a message privately from the crew, after they checked out my model etc. It turns out, at the moment, the wobble is unavoidable for this model, and it is not the fault of a tracking image.

This solution, however, doesn’t fit with the plan. I wanted to make something as tangible as possible, where they could rotate and manipulate the virtual object as if it existed via the physical tracking image. Oh well. it isn’t fun unless you hit the limits :slight_smile: