Do I need to know scripting to use video with Zapbox?


I am interested in making some basic AR experiences with Zapbox. What I want to do specifically is have a video of a person pop up, they say something, and then have 3-4 Text Answers pop up and the user selects one with the Zapbox Controllers. Whichever Text Answer they choose would then activate a corresponding video that would then lead to another 3-4 Text Answers, etc.

My two biggest questions before I dive in too deep is am I going to have to learn scripting to achieve this? And will I have any problems if I want to have an alpha channel behind the person in the video?

I’ve looked through the documentation and I am confused on how to implement video. It talks about dragging a video into the hierarchy and then selecting a plan and selecting the video under the material options for that plane. I did that and nothing happened. I am using a short MP4 video.

I would gladly pay someone for their time if they could show me through a zoom session how to set something like this up.


Hi @ballew35,

Thanks for getting in touch. ZapBox is a great tool for creating this sort of interactive experience and you can create some amazing experiences without having to open a script editor and write code.

For this use case, you might have to do a little bit of scripting to play the videos, as you’ve found out. This is pretty simple and once you get the hang of doing it once, you can do it for all videos in the project.

From what it sounds like, you are never playing the video that you have assigned to the material of the plane so for obvious reasons when the experience is launched it’s not going to play.

Here’s an example of an alpha video tracked to a ZapBox Tracker point map: alpha-video-zapbox.zpp (2.2 MB)

In the script, the video is set up to play as soon as the experience is launched and restart when the video gets to the end (loop).

I’d recommend having a look at the ZapBox specific documentation to learn about controller interaction and also take a look at states to learn about how to change the answers that are visible.

I hope this helps.