Discover...The Quebec Bridge


Here’s a short video demonstrating my newest pedagogic experience in AR. Titled “Découvrez…Le pont de Québec”, I created this experience to add to my collection of AR posters that I’ll be presenting at a techno-pedagogic convention next October in Argentina.
Here’s the link to the video :
Here’s the link to my collection of pedagogic posters :

Feedback and comments always welcome and appreciated!

Tom Ansuini


Wow thats big!! Do you have an english text one? I think it would be cool to see it fall down at the end.



The bridge is fantastic; I love the scale of it! Your other projects are also very impressive. I particularly like being able to explore Van Gogh’s bedroom!

I was in tertiary vocational education for 15 years and there is no doubt that working in a paradigm that includes AR has a significant impact on student engagement and their learning journey.

I would be very interested to see your research/presentation, if you have an English version (sorry, I am mono-lingual!)

great stuff,



Another fantastic experience @tom, nice one!

The sheer scale is so impressive.


It’s a wonderful project


I’ve been sure to share this with our community on Twitter, too :slight_smile:. Take a peek:


Thank you so much! I’ve just added a little interactive activity which the user can trigger after the end of the tour. It is a simple bridge building game in which the user has to build his own bridge using limited ressources and with a 60 second time limit. The activity is launched from a trigger button which appears after the last info panel. The game is in HTML5 hosted on my server. It plays best if the user holds their device in landscape mode. Here’s a link to a demo video for this expansion : Bridge building game expansion
This is a first prototype of this concept (AR experience leading into a mini-game) but I intend to add this feature to all of my other pedagogic AR experiences as well in the coming weeks. I just have to come up with interesting mini-games to follow each AR experience (and find the time to program them as well).


Looking good! The bridge-building mini-game reminds me of the indie Chronic Logic ‘Bridge Builder’ video games - though I am really, really bad at playing them! The high score board is a really cool touch too. Look forward to seeing how your work evolves in the coming weeks :).