Hi all,

Here’s a short video of an AR experience to help my students discover important facts about Ludwig Van Beethoven. The experience ends when the students uncovers all of the sculpture at which point he is linked to an online quiz (Google Form) to evaluate his understanding.


what away to get kids in to Beethoven!



Very nice! Good job! Thanks for having shared!


Hi Tom,

Fantastic experience! We would love to potentially include it in a Zappar video showcase, would you be able to send us the tracking image?



Hello Grace,

IT would be a pleasure to send you the tracking image. I can also share the zpp file if you like.AfficheBeethoven
I’m leaving on Tuesday (oct 15) to give a series of conferences in Argentina on the application of augmented reality in music education. I’ll be there until the 22 of October and will be showcasing all of my music experiences created with ZapWorks Studio at these events. If you’d like to see the stuff I’ll be presenting, you can visit my web page at

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you Tom.

The conferences sound great, we would love to hear how it all goes.