Did iOS14 break for anyone else?


None of my test phones using iOS14 (not all of them are updated, thank god) work with WebAR after the update in September. I’m using Zap Studio with WebAR, no issues with Android or iOS13 iPhones. My models won’t load for iOS14 iPhones.
Any updates regarding this? I can’t find any fixes online.

Without iOS14 working, my project is basically moot.



Do you have any feedback about issue?.




Other than another user saying they have the same issue as mine, nothing has changed.
I’ve emailed support.


I also have no response so far.


me too…I hope they resolving the issues soon…or my customers will kill me


I understand. My project is for a company too. I understand it takes time to fix bugs, but the last reply about the issue is a month ago after I made a post. They didn’t even reply when I followed up.


Hi everyone,

I’d like you to know that I have been highlighting this with the team as I know how frustrating it can be. Now that I have a device running iOS14, I’m going to do some investigation myself with a few projects today and report back to the people involved to give it an extra push today.

All the best,