Designer - Video Is Jittery Over My Tracking Image

Warm greetings, everyone!

I’m Brien Lee, and new to Zappar.

I’m wondering if someone can assist me with a newbie problem here.

In Designer, I’ve uploaded a tracking image. The analysis shows almost the whole image is green with a bit of yellow and hardly any red areas.

I set a video to play upon zapping. The video is the same size as the tracking image. The tracking image is the first frame of the video.

However, upon zapping, the video that starts playing seems jittery and “doesn’t stick” perfectly to the tracking image. It exposes the edges of the underlying tracking image every few seconds as it “flips” up and down a bit. Very unstable.

Any pointers or advice? Some of the zaps that I have created doesn’t have this problem even though the tracking image analysis doesn’t show as much green.

Thanks, and have a great day ahead!


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You may want to post the zap code. So we can see what it looks like.


Thanks for responding, Steve.

Here’re the files: 1) Tracking Image With Zapcode; and 2) tracking image analysis

Please advise. thanks.

Instability_Tracking AnalysisLoka-Work-afGS-Test-5

I’ve further tried getting more patterns into the tracking image. It seems much more stable.


From reading the documentation, it seems that tracking depends on “Contrast”. What does that mean? What makes for good contrast? Is it a contrast of patterns (e.g. a black and white grid pattern)? Or is it a contrast of colors (e.g. two adjacent objects have contrasting colors e.g. one dark, one light?

Any thoughts? thanks!

Hi Brien,

I’ve received your support ticket, but I’ll be replying to this issue through the forum, just in case the answer can benefit other users.

Your original tracking image makes use of a repetitive, high-contrast pattern, which is something we advise against using in a tracking image, as mentioned in the following video over on our docs:

This is the most likely cause of the video jitter when displaying the experience.

The reason your second tracking image seems to work much better is that the extra images are breaking up the repetitive pattern, and therefore making it easier for the scanning technology to display your content correctly.

Essentially, my advice is to try to avoid the use of repetitive, high-contrast patterns in your tracking images.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Seb,

Thanks for the prompt response. Awesome! I’ll test it out and report back my results.


I was just going to say the same thing. In the video mark said not to use the checkered blocks like you have here.


ya, dunno how I missed that. hmm… anyway, thanks, guys!

Here’s my revised tracking image. More stable. Thanks!


Anyway, this is merely to test the tracking quality. I’ll use a different background artwork for the final tracking image. Thanks for your time and advice guys!