Designer Tags for Zapalytics


hi guys,

I just found out about designer and was wondering if I could attach tags to certain events, like in Studio, in order for Zapalytics to work. So if a user clicks on a link or takes a photo, it counts in my Zapalytics Dashboard.

Thanks a lot!


Hi there,

Whenever an image, video or sound is played in Designer, the action is registered as part of Zapalytics, however at this time there isn’t a way to create custom Zapalytics tags for a specific series or combination of actions.

We generally recommend that you use Studio if you’d like to include zapalytics tracking through certain actions.

Hope this helps!


Thank you @Bob, really appreciate it!

Does this also account for refers, e.g. when a user clicks an image that opens a webpage?


Hi there,

​Actions registered by Zapalytics for a Designer experience register once a user taps an Image, Video or Sound; however, it does not display what action is performed when a user taps those objects. It will show as ‘Image Tapped’ or ‘Video Tapped’ inside Zapalytics.

One workaround for this is to rename the objects so that you can identify in Zapalytics what object has been tapped by the user, which will allow you to register the number of taps an object gets.

Hope this helps!