Designer scene copy, video action and export


Hello, is it possible in the designer:

  • to copy a whole scene with all the objects?
  • play a video as an action
  • export the designer to studio. So I can use the easy tools from the designer but add 3d object in the studio.




Hi @filiep,

Thanks for your questions!

Designer is a drag-and-drop tool that’s great for quickly and easily adding video, photos, and buttons to appear on top of your print material, but because of the ease of these tools, it lacks the customisation you can get when using Studio.

In answer to your first question, you can duplicate a complete Designer scene, adding the content to an existing Zap code or creating a brand new one. An example of this can be seen below.


With Designer you can use actions to link to a new scene and have a video automatically playing as that scene opens. This gives the illusion as though a video starts playing as an action, for example, a button on tap. You should have a look into our Designer documentation video’s to find out more on how to do this.

Unfortunately, there is no east way to merge a project that has been created in Designer, into Studio. All of what can be made in Designer can be re created in Studio following our step by step tutorials on our Studio documentation pages.

If you need any help using Studio, drop us an email at

Hope this helps,



Hi George,

Is the above feature to Duplicate zapcode content to another zap code still available? I can only see a way to duplicate the content to a completely new Zap Code. Hoping to be able to transfer from one existing zapcode to another.