Designer: multiple scenes

Hi, I’m a support teacher and I make short stories for my students where I link small pieces of video to different images.
I’m using the designer project and my project is to link different video footage to different tracking images (added to different scenes):

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scene 1, tracking image 1, video 1
scene 2, tracking image 2, video 2

The problem is: every tracking image, in different scenes, link to the same video footage.

EDIT: the only solution I found is to create a different project for each image.

It’s right?


Hi visualdrome,

If you are using different tracking images, you’ll need to create different projects for them. Only one zapcode/ trigger can be used per tracking image.

In your case of having a different video linked to a different image, you’ll need to create a Designer project for each image and video you’re planning on adding.

Hope this helps,

Hi Bob,
I Understoondt, thanks!

Does this mean it’s not possible to have 1 Zap web viewer that can pick up multiple images? That doesn’t seem right?

Hi @tech2,

Target images in Designer are at a project level and not a scene level so it’s not currently possible to track to different images for different scenes.

I’ll mark this as a feature request though!