Designer Example


Hi All

Had a look through the ‘Show and Tell’ section and you all look far more advanced than me.

Thought I would share a ‘Designer’ example to show others at a similar level to me what is possible with a little imagination.

This is a simple Christmas experience which we will be marketing to corporates and personal customers. They shoot a short video on their phone and we zappify it, before printing the tracking image on stickers to place in their Christmas cards to families/friends and clients.


Hey @hoabg102, that’s great that you’re experimenting with Designer and it’s crucial users like yourself share you experiences with the wider community. Like you say, it shows people what’s possible with a little imagination, so appreciate that a lot.

Would you be able to share you tracking image for users to take a look at? Would be great to try it out and see for ourselves! :slight_smile: