Design Shortcuts


Hello guys,

I’ve been talking a lot about shortcuts in Studio but this time is about the Design studio! Is there any plan to improve how things works there? I think that would be cool has some way to improve the work flow and one of then is implant some shortcuts like to create a image or any other node (removing the necessetie of keep clicking and searching for what you want to insert).

I noticed this after use it for some projects and while I was watching other person using it. Don’t if has any plans and I know that studio is the priority in this time but would be cool!

P.S.: Example: H - Open the image insert window, J - Open the sound insert window and so on!

att, Higão.


Hey @higor,

Hope you’re well. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll pass this one on to the team to evaluate :slight_smile:

Thanks again,