Delaying video start


Hello! I’m trying to autostart my video player 7.5 secs after the timeline starts - but I can’t get it to work.
I’ve created a timeline and keyframed the autoplay / enabled to off at the start - then to on at 7.5 secs in, but it doesn’t play - just gives me a play button. Is there a way to delay the video starting using



Here is a simple code to help you out.
There isn’t a video file set yet. Click on the box to start the timeline.

Autostart Video Player.zpp (563.8 KB)



Thanks Steve - much appreciated


Hmm… can’t seem to make that work? Freezes on the first frame of the video - also can’t see where in the script one can specify the time delay…



Ok - I’m being thick - the delay is on the timeline, but I can’t get the timeline to start for some reason…


All sorted - works a treat - thanks Steve


:clap: @stevesanerd :clap:!


Sorry I’m in the US. Glad you got it!