Delaying Audio



Is it possible to delay audio? For example if I want to play a video after 20 seconds I go to the transitions tab and set the delay for 20 seconds and it works perfectly however the accompanying audio starts immediately (0 seconds) so it is completely out of sync. Is it possible to to delay them both so they are in sync?

Is it also possible to do this just with a sound file?



Hi Paul,
You can use the Z.after() function in Zappar Studio to start the video (along with the sound) after your desired time.
The link in Zappar docs :-


Thanks for the info prodipta but I was hoping this would also be possible in the Designer tool


Hi Paul,

We recommend that you separate the video’s audio, export it as an MP3, upload it as a separate object to Designer and apply a transition to it.

Alternatively, you could modify the video’s audio so that it has a delay of 20 seconds at the beginning.

Hope this helps,