Default BabylonJS project shows static grey screen

Hey there,

I wanted to give a try to the BabylonJS template project, but it only gives a static grey screen (like the camera feed cannot be accessed?).

  • I did give permissions.
  • I’m using the very exact same workflow as with other frameworks (I develop with Zapwork for A-Frame without such a problem).
  • tested on mobile through various browsers (Chrome, Brave, Firefox Focus) and desktop (Chrome, Brave)
  • I’m just trying out with the virgin default project initialized from the ‘zapworks init’ CLI, choosing static html, and serving locally.
  • on desktop, the console only shows a 404 error related to favicon, so I guess that’s not the problem (and it’s an error I remember having seen while developing with A-Frame if I remember well)

Hope this helps!
Would love to give it a try



Hi @thomas2,

Try pointing your device at the target image :slight_smile: You can find it in the project that has been initialised, alternativley here :

I’ll make a quick change to this template to ensure we’re not rendering the cube if the target image is not seen.


The fix is live (the cube was blocking the camera feed). New version is available for download through the CLI as well as our GitHub :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Oh I wasn’t suspecting that indeed haha :sweat_smile:

Happy it helped!
I confirm the update is live from the CLI.