Deeplinks to open using Web Ar



I’m really liking the new Web AR feature and recently discovered deep links. I was wondering if it would be possible for the deep link to open the experience in Web AR if the user doesn’t have the App instead of going to the App store?



Hi @paula.clark,

Please take a look at our Launching ZapWorks Experiences article to find out more about launching from a deep link for WebAR.

Any questions, please let us know.



Thanks, @George
Tried it out and it works perfectly!


Awesome, glad to hear it :)!


I’m trying to open a content, in web.zappar, but the video does not play, does the same thing happen to them?


@alejandro.rodriguez I’ve opened content with video using web Zappar and it plays fine. From my experience playing with webAr if it works on your phone in the App, it should work fine using the web.


Hi @alejandro.rodriguez,

If possible, could you send us the ZPP/zapcode (to of the project you are having issues with? With this we can do some tests and ultimately improve our WebAR technology.

Please bear in mind that WebAR is still in a Beta build, this means that we are still ironing out issues and bugs that come with it.

Hope this helps.



Thank You Paula, i check.


Thank you George, i send the code.