Deeplink parameters - can't read parameter passed via deeplink


I have some problems using deeplink parameters (query string).

This is my deeplink that I can’t get it to work:

// I call this part of code on pointerdown:
let linked = Z.device.queryStringParameter(“linked”);

This is just test, so I just want to get parameter through, but with this call let linked has value “undefined” wich is its default value. (

Some help please :slightly_smiling_face:
Cheers, Nejc

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Hi @interactive,

Please try changing the deep link url from to zappar://z/PJ5k1c?linked=nejc.

When using launchURL(...) with the prefix the false argument needs to be passed for the deep link to work correctly. For the zappar:// prefix the false argument should not be passed.

It’s recommended that the portion of the link is replaced with zappar:// since this ensures that the app gracefully handles the transition to the new content.

Hope this helps.



Hi, thank you for reply!

The problem is that we want to make call from QR code, not from (other) zappar experience.
So we cant use zappar:// call.

The idea is that we create WEB AR simple experience for bussiness cards, personalized for over 50 people, so we just manage qr codes (and parametres) and after lunching experience we show proper content.

Hope we can find solution.

Thank you.

No problem @interactive!

Passing query strings is still something we are working towards with our WebAR technology. As soon as we have an update, we will be sure to let you know on this thread. :slight_smile:

In the meantime it’ll all work perfectly using the Zappar app.

Hope this helps.


Ok, lets ignore WebAR… also lunching url with parameters from outside into Zappar app doesn’t work?
(Like I first mentioned in my first forum post…). Zappar gets lunched and experience loaded (“ulocked”), but parameters are undefined?

So only lunched with zappar:// we can send parameters?

Do you have any aprox timing on when we can expect that kind of feature? Maybe this month, year?

Thank you

Hi @interactive,

It seems like zappar:// is the only prefix that allows the passing of query strings over deep-links.

We will take a look into this but cannot give estimated time frame. We will be sure to let you know on this thread as soon as we have an update. :slight_smile:

All the best.


Hi, did you found something about this?
I have the same problem.