Deeplink missing in the latest changes


After the most recent upgrade I can’t seem to find my deeplink in designer. Any help?


You now have to make it. Look under triggers.



Hey @parrot212227,

Just to expand on what @stevesanerd said (thanks Steve :slight_smile: ), the methods an experience can be launched are now referred to as triggers, with deep links being a type of trigger.

You can find more information on project triggers here.

EDIT: Currently, deep links aren’t available for Widgets or Designer experiences, they are only available for Studio projects. This feature was necessarily removed so as to not affect current Designer flow due to the introduction of triggers functionality. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Hope this helps.

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I am also having a problem locating deeplinks. Following the advice above I have tried to create a new trigger but I don’t have a deeplink option, only Zapcode and then the custom image and branded zapcode. Can anybody help?



Hi @jimbo,

I’ve spoken with the team and it seems that deep link triggers are now only available for Studio projects. I’ve amended my post above to reflect this.

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Is there anyway of getting the deeplink for designer projects? I only use designer and being able to access the deeplink to create a QR code with is really essential to my work

Or just a way of finding the projects unique identifier?



Hey @jimbo,

There’s no way to retrieve a Designer experience’s deep link.

However, a Designer project’s zapcode can still be scanned and launched in Zappar’s WebAR platform, it’s just that the deep link trigger isn’t available through ZapWorks.



I am a little worried about this. I have created games in which all the Zappar projects were created in Designer. I need the deep links to get my game to work. To access the deep links will I have to remake all my projects in Studio? Or can I open them in Studio and find the deep link. I am scared I have to restart all my work in Studio from scratch and pay for all my projects all over again. What do I do now?


Hi @parrot212227,

Designer experiences can’t be opened in Studio so they will likely need to be rebuilt unfortunately.

In the recent update, a project’s deep link is no longer visible. We are currently working on making a project’s unique ID (the unique deep link identifier) more visible on the platform. However, this is currently only scheduled for Studio projects.

The current workaround to find a Studio project’s deep link is to launch it via WebAR, and retrieve the ID from the URL. As this workaround requires launching an experience directly into WebAR, it is not available for Designer or Widgets experiences, nor will the ID be displayed if the zapcode is scanned from the default WebAR portal.

We apologise for any inconvenience and will let you know of any further developments regarding this functionality.

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Hi @parrot212227, @jimbo, @stevesanerd,

Hope you’re all well.

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve released an update to ZapWorks which now allows you to find your project’s deep link ID, regardless of the tool used.

@George has updated his steps over on this thread so feel free to refer to those:

Additionally, in this same update, QR code and Deep Link triggers have been made available to Widgets and Designer projects. Please see the thread below for more information:

We hope you all enjoy the update, and our apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime.

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