Deep link ( embed zappar technology )


Hello, if i will embed zappar technology to my app, when i will use deep link , it will open in my own app or it will direct the my users to zappar app ?


i want all the experience to be on my own app, not to direct the user to zappar app .


Hi Elias,

As I received your question through support first, I have replied there.

Best wishes, Margaux


Hi Margaux, I have a similar question and would appreciate your guidance please.
In both cases where we either using Zappar embed or Zappar White label apps, how will deeplinks function for the user? Prompt to open the Zappar Embed app/ White Label app or redirect to open the Zappar app?



Hi Johan,

Unfortunately Margaux is no longer at Zappar, but I’m more than happy to help in her absence.

Currently deep links will redirect to the Zappar app, rather than the Zappar embed / white label app.

Also, if you have any further questions regarding an app embed and/or white label app, could you contact us directly at

We’ll be able to offer you some more information through that channel.



Thank you Sebastian, appreciate it.


Hello there,

Is there any update about this topic, does the deep linking changed its way of functioning? Now being able to work as an embedded element within a white label app?

Thanks in advance for the update.


Hi @marketing.peru.tunin,

Custom deep links isn’t a functionality that we can provide unfortunately, deep links will launch experiences within the Zappar app.

If you have any other questions related to app embeds please contact

All the best,