Deadline extended - July 14th closing date


Hello everyone,

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted or shared the progress of their competition entries so far - we’re having a blast exploring them and seeing all the ingenious ways the community has approached the brief.

A number of ZapWorks users have been getting in touch to say that while they’re really keen to enter the ZapWorks X Sipsmith competition, the June 30th deadline was just going to be too tight for them to make. So we’ve had a chat among the team and have decided to extend the submission deadline to midnight, July 14th 2019. This way, we can make sure as many people as possible get the chance to share their entries with us.

If you were undecided before about entering, I’d encourage you to check out the full brief and branded asset pack to see how to get started and be in with a chance of winning £10,000.

You’ll also find our AR portal inspiration project here on the Forum..

The absolute best of luck to everyone! Any questions, please feel free to let me know :slight_smile:.


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And just think I was just going to post mine. Well I guess I now have some more time to add things to it.


Ps. Seeing that no one has shared their entry on the forms yet. Can I ask how many have been submitted?


Hi Steve,

For sure, I’m glad it gives you a bit more breathing room to add and refine your entry - sure it’s going to be a really exciting one!

We certainly had a good talk about deciding on the extension. On the one hand, we didn’t want to announce anything too last minute, in-case it didn’t give people who are close to submitting chance to adjust.

By the same token, we’ve had a good number of messages from people in the community who are really keen to enter but just needed a bit more time to get things sorted properly. In the interests of balance, maximizing entries and making sure those people who’d already begun didn’t then completely miss out, we figured a two-week extension at this point would be a good compromise for all concerned.

We don’t publicly announce the number of entries for these kinds of competitions, particularly while they’re still ongoing, as we don’t want it to play on the minds of entrants - we want everyone to just be able to focus on creating something amazing. We’d love it if people were more keen to share their progress on the forums as that can lead to lots of mutually beneficial learnings for the community as a whole - but it’s a choice in the end. But the number of shares of progress on the forum isn’t representative of the number of entries.

Hope that all sounds reasonable - always happy to answer any questions on this and/or take any feedback to pass onto the team here :slight_smile:.



I have no doubt that there will many great entries to this competition. But for all entries you should remember you get extra points for posting your progress online. That could be the difference between winning and losing.



Hay James can you check if my submission made it in. The page jumps after 20% and there is no confirmation that it made it.


Ps. there are 2 submission.


Hi Steve - I believe this has been dealt with by Support now? I’m going to post up an update so that there’s an alternative method to submit entries, just in case anybody else encounters an issue like that :slight_smile:.


ok it may be