Cylinder Tracking?

Are there any plans to support cylinder tracking for bottles and cans? There are plenty of use cases for this, and there are other native libraries that support it. I would love to see this become an option for us with Zappar, Unity and Web AR.

Good news! There’s actually a webinar scheduled in a couple weeks on this very topic.
From the webinar description:

We are excited to announce that we have now added curved surface tracking to our Universal AR SDKs and would like to invite you to join our CTO and Co-Founder, Connell Gauld for a live demo of our latest tracking type.

Curved surface tracking expands upon Zappar’s existing image tracking which was previously only designed for flat surfaces, opening up a world of new opportunities, especially when it comes to connected packaging, allowing you to create interactive, branded experiences on a range of curved surfaces including cans, cups or bottles.

What you’ll learn…

  • What curved surface tracking is

  • How to get started with curved surface tracking

  • How to use curved surface tracking in your experiences

We love to hear from you, so there will be plenty of opportunities to ask any questions we don’t cover along the way including a dedicated Q&A session at the end.


Any news on this Cylinder Tracking for Unity UAR?

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Hi @rendermouse,

Here’s an example project which showcases curved tracking in Unity :slight_smile:

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