Customize Permissions Screen(change language) at Unity Universal SDK

Hi, I used the unity with Universal AR to build AR project. and I have a problem to change the message on permission screen.

the message is “Almost there …” “in order to…”

I can confirm the plugin zcv.jslib is reading from

and it contains the messages. so Should I download the js file and changed it ? What is the best way to do this?

in the documents, it says
If you'd rather show your own permissions UI, you can turn off the standard Zappar permissions by un-checking the Permission UI (WebGL) parameter in the **Zappar Universal AR** Project Settings.

I’m not sure how do I show my UI. is it possible to get more details on instruction?

Thank you.

Hello @kamihiro

Welcome to the forum.

In this post here, I’ve provided a sample for doing just this… and if you follow the thread above you should find a snapshot of UAR settings, showing where to disable the default Permission UI (WebGL).

Hope that helps.