Custom Reference Panel bug


Custom references panel is buggy when adding some new entries in one shot: when choosing a new type at some point, it becomes a bit slower and suddenly all previous entries are assigned to the last modified type. Workaround seems to be:

  • Open the reference panel again
  • Change one entry Type
  • Close the panel
  • Do it again until the last entry.

I have like 10 entries and it’s impossible to put all of them since about 4 entries all gets corrupted.


Hi @MrPropre,

Thank you for letting us know.

This happens when a referenced property within the parent has been altered and a new custom referenced property is added, which in turn, changes all the referenced properties to the same data type.

We will pass this on to our dev team and look into finding a fix for this issue.

As soon as we have a fix, we will let you know on this post.