Custom masking objects problem


I’m trying to use a custom mask to mask out the ‘glass’ part out of a window target. Using the built-in square mask, i can achieve some result, but I need a custom mask (patterns of 3x3 squares). I made it in 3D and it works fine in zapworks studio, but when publishing the masking doesn’t work (it just shows everything that’s behind it).

It’s a very simple scene, 3D object (part of a sphere) with a panorama mapped on it.

I have searched on the forums, but haven’t found the answer to this.

Included is a printscreen of the thing working in zapworks studio.


I maybe wrong but I think you need to add your test_mask.pod to the symbol definitions not the media library.

A mask is just a 3d model with it’s color opacity of it set to 0.