Creating a Stable Experience


Hi, I’ve recently noticed a problem testing my zapworks where the AR experience is stable on my iPhone 5S, but unstable ( The targeted image flips, turns, and disappears) on some android devices. I was wondering if there are any way or tips to have a stable AR experience, so that users are less confused or frustrated with their experience.


Hey there,

Could you please send your tracking image and we’ll take a further look at your issue?

In addition, if it’s an experience made in Studio, could you please send us your ZPP?

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Has there been an update on this question?
I am just trying to create an experience using the business card template and when ever I test it it seems to be very jittery.

I reset the view to front to show the card’s front view but to no avail.



Hi, for me personally I made the UI fixed to solve this problem. For example, now when I scan a zap code, I pop-up UI that looks similar to the image scanned. It’s a workaround, and if you need a more stable experience where you don’t have a copy of the image you’re scanning, it probably won’t be a solution.

For a business card you could have the buisness card as your tracking image, and then have an image of the business card pop-up on their phone. You can add more UI and interactivity on the image from there.


Hi thanks for your response.
I did just that using your template, I used my business card and the circle elements as control buttons to link to websites but after people test it they came back and said its wobbly. Tested on android, galaxy tab and iphone. I wish i could upload a pic to show you.
Really want to buy this software but if I can get this simple biz card example done to show by next week, ugh… I am presenting to management team.

I also just emailed the tracking image and put u1166636 as the reference number in the title :wink:

Thanks, Julie


Oh, did you recently make an account? I wasn’t able to upload pictures when I first activated my account. I forget how long that took, but I think at least after a day I had the option to upload a picture like this:

If you get to the point where you can upload a picture, I’ll take a look and see if I can help.