Create a AR portal with mask as in Unity 3d


I want to create a portal- like here and I need to know what kind of material- will be a mask?


Hi @zizi-xsa,

I’d recommend having a read of this forum post:

It showcases how a portal type experience can be set up in ZapWorks Studio.

Hope this helps.



you can create using unity3d and AR Universal SDK of ZapWorks.
Use stencil shader and trick done.


Can I use Universal Render through the Unity3d and Zappar SDK? One. And it is possible to use game moments, what Unity 3d is capable of?


Thanks Hardik!

One thing to note though - our current Instant World Tracking (the Unity package environment tracking type) isn’t set up for portal type experiences. For Instant World Tracking, the ‘anchor’ must be in view at all times. For portals, you’ll want to walk around, look away, etc. so for this reason, it isn’t a suitable tracking type at this moment in time.

ZapWorks Studio supports full World Tracking, where the anchor can be placed and your user can walk around, look away, etc with the content still stable and tracked to the same original anchor position. It’s perfect for portal type experiences, like the one linked above. Please note - full World Tracking is only available in the Zappar app.

Hope this helps.



I am not sure about ZapWork world tracking capability, but I had already worked on lots of portal projects using Unity3D and AR foundation. so thanks for the update still I’ll try by myself and update here.
is ZapWork studio provide the full capability of shaders and animations support (like procedural or spine animation)? because I am not aware of ZapWork studio.

One more question I had seen SRP support in a document but want to know that is there any support for URP or HDRP using AR Universal SDK?


URP is supported in UAR (Universal AR), and I have not had any issues testing it. There is a script in the Zappar menu to convert your project to URP. HDRP is not supported on mobile devices so it is not supported by UAR.

BTW, I have had great success with the shader graph below to cast shadows onto a transparent plane/object in Unity/UAR and URP.

GitHub - Cyanilux/URP_ShaderGraphCustomLighting: Some custom lighting functions/sub-graphs for Shader Graph, Universal Render Pipeline


But the weight of such a scene is great. If you take Universal Render.What to do?