Copy group to subsymbol or export it to subsymbol


Hi there,

Several times I’ve had the ‘privilage’ to redo a whole animation (or UI) because the animation should’ve been in a subsymbol. Is there a way to copy a group with animations into the subsymbol? Or maybe export a group with animations into a subsymbol?

That would be very very useful.

Thanks in advance!



What I have done is export the whole thing to a zpp file then add it back as a subsymbol. You will have to clean up the things you dont want but it’s worked for me when had the same problem.



Be careful: cleaning doesn’t work when exporting a subsymbol: data are still inside and the filesize becomes bigger if you re-iterate the process. You’ll need to rename your .zpp to .zip, export its content, delete all files in the database one by one and also clean the .json, then re-zip and rename to .zpp

I hope this will be fixed because I am using export features a lot…


Thank you for your answer @stevesanerd.
Great solution for now, but it would be great to export a group (and connected animations/ symbols).

If you export the ZPP and remove all the animations, unused items from the hierarchy, library and the unused symbol definitions, you’ll get a nice clean (small) file.



Here is the test I did many times:

1-create a new symbol
2-copy a video file of 3mb in hierarchy
3-delete all the files
4- export as .zpp
-> file size is still 3mb+ (and you can still find all the files you added since the beginning inside the .zpp if you extract them by hand)

I did some more test and I found the solution: the project need to be closed and re-opened again after the process so the exported files are really gone!