Convert File from Cinema 4D


Hi all,

having a problem converting a file from C4D into POD file, we have downloaded all of the relevant software/ plugins but it doesnt seem to open the converted files.

any hekp will be greatly appreciated



Hi Joe,

Could you send an email over to, with details of your export steps, and the POD file you’re experiencing the issue with?

That way I can have a look at it, and see where the issue may be coming from.



Hi, I am also having problems exporting models from cinema and importing them into ZapWorks Studio, I saw you have tutorials about how to do it from other 3d software but not from Cinema, can anyone explain how can I do it? :slight_smile: thanks!


Hi @paucanog,

Unfortunately we have not documented how to export a model from Cinema 4D.

As long as the model adheres to the supported formats and requirements there shouldn’t be an issue with the importing process.

If you are having an issue with a model in particular, please feel free to send it through to

All the best.