Convert 3D coordinates to 2D space


Hi everyone!

I’m currently trying an approach to convert the 3D coordinates of a face tracker(origin) to 2D space so I can check collision with objects in 2D space. I haven’t been able to find much information on this topic, so I hope someone has a solution! Thanks in advance!



Sounds like an interesting idea you’re working on. We’d love to know the use case / project idea!

Here’s an example which I think should help - Face Follow Example 2d.ZPP (3.1 MB)

It has a large trigger region relative to and pushed forward a bit in the Z axis (-5). It then has a ‘reaction plane’ tracking to the face origin with it’s trigger tag set to the same as the trigger region so it fires when intersecting. Using this intersection value, you can work out where the reaction is taking place and move a screen relative (2D) plane along the X and Y axis. I’d recommend having a quick once over the script to see how this is set up, but it should be pretty simple!

Hope this helps.



Great! I’ll take a look and see if I’m able to make it work for my purposes

Thanks a lot